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If I hear another “Attraction Marketing”, “Self Proclaimed” or “Agenda Driven” Network Marketing Guru say Drop Cards and other PROVEN Marketing Systems of the past Don’t work... I think I will just throw up!

I am going to make this short and sweet.

I am absolutely shocked at the number of network marketers who have not been exposed to drop card marketing by a competent upline.  After testing literally hundreds of marketing methods over the past 25+ years there is no question that every serious network marketer should be using some type of drop card DAILY in their business.

I got so sick of agenda driven marketers proclaiming that drop cards and other proven marketing methods don’t work that I felt obligated to get the truth in the market place.

Please understand that when these “Attraction Markers” start telling people WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR……….. it is because they ultimately have some type of how to do everything on the internet course or book to sell you.  Most of their material is awesome, and I recommend it, the problem is they there are six major MLM prospecting categories with dozens of systems within each category, they try to convince you that you can build a business with just one.

Maybe a VERY SMALL PERCENT of people can build their business just marketing on the internet, but the MAJORITY can’t!

The last figures I saw were 52% of Americans don’t even have an email address! 

Let me ask you a question...

Does it make sense to only teach a MLM prospecting category that Eliminates 50% of the population, before you even start?

Please don’t miss understand me
.  I believe in marketing and lead generation online as much as anyone, but it certainly should not be the only way you promote your business, and when anyone try’s to tell people they have “THE WAY” to build and other proven methods should be avoided……they lose credibility with industry leaders…and are ultimately taking advantage of the less experienced within the market place.

There is simply NO EXCUSE for serious marketers not to be spreading a few drop cards in their market as they go about their day-to-day activities.

In this FREE REPORT you will learn:

·                    Why drop cards provide the best bang for your advertising investment.

·                    Why just because a method didn’t work for a guru, does not mean it won’t work for you with the right direction.

·                    Why all marketing that creates curiosity works and drop cards are the ultimate curiosity tool

·                    Testimonies from distributors in multiple companies that have been using drop cards and other local lead methods for 15 plus years to build their business.

·                    Why drop cards work better TODAY than any other time in history

·                    The perfect place to place your cards

·                    How to design a viral card that is passed from prospect to prospect

·                    Why drop card are one of the Top 5 lead generation methods
for your team to duplicate

·                    Why it is virtually impossible to not recoup your investment on any drop card order


Here is what I call them...

#1 Reverse Shoplifting

#2  New Computer Owner Prospecting

#3  Big Tipper Strategy

#4  100’s of Free Infomercial Prospects

#5  Vending Machine to Prospecting Machine

#6  Trick or Treat

#7  Now that I have your undivided Attention


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